Within each crafted detail an expression of the sense, the work of hands, dedicated to an art, a way of life, the life of a native in a house of artisans and years of craftsmanship, in their refined and perfected methods.

A home of skins, endeared for their rich, timeless and forward looking ways.

A celebration of icons that stands proud of its past to honour and a future to evolve.

And so we shape an icon, to stand out in the crowd, with all its passions, posture and presence, its own story to tell.


Manifesto: Natural, Inclusive and Authentic

Native woman is comfortable in her own skin, she is not trying to be anybody but herself, just being is her way to be in a world filled with perfection and comparison driven ideas. She is constantly evolving and delving within to be the change that she wishes to see.

Inclusive and embracing the diversity of our world beyond labelling and judgements laid upon the basis of culture, beliefs and abilities. Imperfection is the only true Perfection inherent in the very being of our Universe.

Authentic in its approach like the natural Native woman, staying true to the craftsmanship required for leather by creating one bag at a time handcrafted to its completion. While working in a unique scenario of challenging circumstances, Native is about creating possibilities with resilience and striving to thrive.