Luxury bags are mostly made from the finest materials available. And Native has always been a step ahead when it comes to procuring and using materials for their products. Their leather is without fail ‘high quality’ and often indulge in the what is known as ‘exotics ‘, such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich, python and snakeskin. The fastenings are often also made from precious metals and special attention is paid to the griffe.

Exotic Skins
Exotic leather simply means leather that is not made from cow, camel or bull hide. They are mostly from alligator, crocodile, Ostrich and Python. People buy them are ready to pay any price for bags made from them purely for their look and feel. They are also more durable. Native Dubai sources most of its exotic material from the US, South Africa and Italy. The Italian pythons, especially, wear a different aura one’s dyed in Native’s signature hues.

Bull Leather
The bulls give the craftspeople at Native the most exquisite material to work with and the real magic happens in their hands. The superior finish of Native bags begin with the hides from which they come from. Tanned in France they attain a bewitching sheen as they grow old. Most of the leather come from cattle that give bigger hides as they are raised in moist and temperate regions because of which their skin never dry out. The lush grass they feed on has a positive effect on their skin. The leather that native uses undergoes a rigorous selection process.

Cow Leather
According to Rahul Malkani, native have been using “full-grained cow leather from the best Italian tanneries.” But ever since the setting up of a new world-class tannery in Abu Dhabi they have not had to look elsewhere as it recalls the finest of its kind anywhere in the world. Grained cow range, adds Rahul, brings forward a lighter weight classic in its very distinctive Native shades.

Water Resistant Leather
Innovation is the accessory to luxury when this water resistant German leather is used. Native is one of the few brands in the world which uses this high-end technology to create very exclusive products.

Camel Leather
This when Native turns native in the true sense of the word. The camel is fundamental part of the life of the Emirati. Also camel leather is easing out other forms of leather from the mainstream. It is because camel leather has a real character to it. “The camel leather is stronger than cow leather, and is completely local. It’s also vegetable-tanned and entirely chromium free,” says Rahul. From the exotic and eccentric camel leather has regained its rightful place of being ethnic.

Native Identity
Native bags come with their very distinctive griffe. The 22 karat gold-plated solid brass accessories including the logo are made in Italy. The side strap studs have an immaculate finish and can be unscrewed to adjust the length of the straps. Native bags are also fitted with Italian-made Alcantra, which are water resistant and easy to clean and possess a unique smooth and suede feel to it.

Cactus Leather:

The reason Native's vegan bags are based off cactus leather is because it is worked on by enhancing it with certified organic feedstock like cactus and mixing their materials with recycled fibres. This helps in avoiding waste accumulation by making the materials biodegradable and rescue useful feedstock from the oceans and landfills, and give them a new life. Sustainability is still such a young drive, so much more research and data is needed in order to keep ourselves tuned into the progress and growth of it, as we move with conscious intention and purpose towards it. For now we are applying practices to the best of our ability and understanding, with an open mind towards learning and adapting to changes as and when they are needed.