At its core, every element on our planet is a native. Born in the glory of its source: Earth, Water, Air or Fire. From Argentinean twine to Burmese precious stones to Tuscan leather, these elements continue their journey of existence in a Native product.

Their every atom is a testimony to the times we live in. A time where inspiration can be found from the four corners of the globe & a time where that inspiration can actually be manifested in a tangible shape, form, style & silhouette. And what better place for Native to be born in than Dubai. A city shaped as much by local heritage as by global trends. A young city in an ancient world. A city of spires to which the world aspires.

Yet, even in this time of change, Native remains uncompromisingly unchangeable in one regard. The tradition of craftsmanship. The resolute eye. The firm hand. The precise motion. The unwavering grace. Every Native product is made in the only way leather goods should be made. The old fashioned way. Using skills, techniques & artistry passed on from generation to generation, from parent to child, from community to country.

And from us to you, we know our products will feel just as native to you as the place from which they have come.