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Native Pink October

Dubai, Oct-16: We don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have!. On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Native had the pleasure of taking the lead and celebrating the month shedding light on the journey of 4 amazing women, who are the heroes of our everyday life. From these everyday heroes come women who take the term warrior and survivor to a completely different level, their will to survive against all odds is nothing short of inspirational. From the moment they are told that they might be standing right in the face of death and are about to lose a part that is the very basis of her feeling like a woman, to the time they are told they have won it, the journey of every woman dealing with Breast Cancer is nothing short of heroic and miraculous. "We have come to meet 4 remarkable ladies who choose to look at the positive side that till they are alive, making the choice to live it, to make the best of any circumstances. From the moment we are born we are gifted with this amazing gift of Life and these are the women who truly live with that belief and spend every moment making it fulfilling!" as creative designer Rachna Malkani states.

The ladies are:

1- Daniella Russell from England; a survivor who is a Spa Development & Operations Director. She decided that only she can help herself by being strong and avoiding the negativity people around were casting on her! She believes in the course of looking out giving love for everyone in life she realized she had ignored her own body the most and that was exactly what her body got back to her saying what about little love for me. She took the challenge and went into the journey of fighting breast cancer through using green, healthy and alternative or holistic medicine as she refused to take chemo therapy and here she is after 2 years fully recovered and leading a new life style where she is being an example and an inspiration for so many women.

2- Elaine Superio from the Philippines / a survivor who works as fitness trainer at Sharjah Ladies Club. Also was diagnosed 2 years back and decided to go through this journey bravely, alone and never told her mother back home about her illness as cancer was inherited in the family and she didn't want to worry her mom who herself got breast cancer at the age of 65. She went through all the stages of the chemo therapy with the support of her close friends and video recorded most of the experience on her special page on FB called Elaine's Journey to Healing

3- Priyanka Sunita from India / a survivor, a professional Golfer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during the same time her little son was treated from bone cancer, it was surely a tough journey for her looking after herself and her son, many emotional shifts and break downs until she finally decided that it doesn't matter if you have hair or not as beauty lays within you! Nonetheless, she completed the chemo therapy sessions and recovered 11 years now. Looking back at that experience Priyanka is so grateful to the good souls who continuously supported her and lifted her when she was down. She found her passion in playing Golf and she is a professional player now.

4- Hana Abu Lughod a Palestinian Jordanian young woman of 32 years. The story started in 2015 when she went to do the yearly checkup, but she was misdiagnosed, and they told her the lump is only fiber adenoma. A vibrant, full of life lady with a beautiful smile that never leaves her face. Strong character and a persistent fighter Hana decided to create a blog and writes about her experience and journey all through out in English and Arabic. The challenge for Hana is not breast cancer as much as it's life itself, for her cancer is not so scary any more with the improvement of the medicines. She decided to make the cancer her chance to relive life in a different way and see cancer as a gift from GOD. She started her blog to write about the exciting experience in fighting cancer. Hana always states: "My cancer will not kill me I will beat it, and I will start enjoying my life, I am dying to live while people are living to die".

Quoting Hana from her blog: "On the way home I remembered a personal coach who once asked me:" Hana do you know who is your master" I said "I think they are a bunch of writers, philosophers, and media personalities", he laughed and said "they are not my dear; your master is the person who is making your life miserable... Do you know why"? I said: "no please tell me!", he continued "because this person will teach you how to manage your anger, improve yourself, fight his/her bad and negative fibs, and change and grow your personality! So you should thank this person and call him your master!" So on the way back home that night I knew who my new it is a 2cm cancer lump in my right breast... and is still continuing her journey fighting breast cancer and her operation is due end of November-16. You can check her blog on

Breast Cancer Awareness

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