01About us

At its core, every element on our planet is a native. Born in the glory of its source: Earth, Water, Air or Fire. From Argentinean twine to Burmese precious stones to Tuscan leather, these elements continue their journey of existence in a Native product.

Their every atom is a testimony to the times we live in. A time where inspiration can be found from the four corners of the globe & a time where that inspiration can actually be manifested in a tangible shape, form, style & silhouette. And what better place for Native to be born in than Dubai. A city shaped as much by local heritage as by global trends. A young city in an ancient world. A city of spires to which the world aspires.

Yet, even in this time of change, Native remains uncompromisingly unchangeable in one regard. The tradition of craftsmanship. The resolute eye. The firm hand. The precise motion. The unwavering grace. Every Native product is made in the only way leather goods should be made. The old fashioned way. Using skills, techniques & artistry passed on from generation to generation, from parent to child, from community to country.

And from us to you, we know our products will feel just as native to you as the place from which they have come.


Within each crafted detail an expression of the sense, the work of hands, dedicated to an art, a way of life, the life of a native in a house of artisans and years of craftsmanship, in their refined and perfected methods.

A home of skins, endeared for their rich, timeless and forward looking ways.

A celebration of icons that stands proud of its past to honor and a future to evolve.

And so we shape an icon, to stand out in the crowd, with all its passions, posture and presence, its own story to tell.


Natural, Inclusive and Authentic

Native woman is comfortable in her own skin, she is not trying to be anybody but herself, just being is her way to be in a world filled with perfection and comparison driven ideas. She is constantly evolving and delving within to be the change that she wishes to see.

Inclusive and embracing the diversity of our world beyond labelling and judgements laid upon the basis of culture, beliefs and abilities. Imperfection is the only true Perfection inherent in the very being of our Universe.

Authentic in its approach like the natural Native woman, staying true to the craftsmanship required for leather by creating one bag at a time handcrafted to its completion. While working in a unique scenario of challenging circumstances, Native is about creating possibilities with resilience and striving to thrive.

01Rachna Malkani / creative director

Rachna Malkani

Rachna Malkani embodies Oscar Wilde's quote: 'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.'

Admin, Finance, Marketing, Media – Rachna has taken up all that and has had a sterling record, playing each avatar she donned, in MNC companies of repute from the age of nineteen. And then, she gave it all up to pursue her calling as an artist, designer and creator - to follow the call of her inner self. She found herself head over heels in love with being an entrepreneur and its spirit of being free.

In 2007, the Malkanis introduced a unique concept: the UAE's first genuine leather manufacturing facility with the dream of bringing top quality leather goods from the region. Local entrepreneurs flocked to Leather Crafts to produce their brand.

Having found her calling, taking inspiration from the land while wanting to show Dubai's pedigree as a leader on the world fashion stage, the Malkanis arrived at the perfect brand name: Native. And Rachna took over the role of Creative Director.

Each Native creation represents Rachna's core belief - To surrender to the moment with complete passion. To stay uninhibited.

Rachna is an introvert. She is an extrovert. She is multi-personality. She is undefined. And unboxed.

It is her mission to draw the world's attention to Dubai as a fashion destination by redefining genuine leather luxury goods à la Native.

And that's her present journey.

02Rahul Malkani / CEO

Rahul Malkani

Rahul Malkani started his career at the young age of 17 in Taiwan as a Merchandiser, and clubbing his passion for travel with work, destiny took him to various cities in the Far East.

In 1991, he was the youngest employee to be promoted to a Sales Manager position in a trading company in Hong Kong, which had branches all over the Middle East including Dubai.

In 1996, he set up his own trading company in Dubai. And after 11 years of trading in garments he found his true calling and set up Leather Crafts Industry in 2007.